The Orbit is a weekly podcast brought to you by Eternal Orbit. During each episode we will be providing insight into the world of Hearthstone. However, like Eternal Orbit, we will branch out into gaming as a whole, pop culture, and more!


The Orbit – Episode 6

We give our predictions for Rise of Shadows, and take a look back at Rastakhan’s Rumble!

The Orbit – Episode 5

We reveal all the new cards being released with Rise of Shadows, and provide our thoughts on them!

The Orbit – Episode 4

We discuss the 27 new cards announced, our impressions, and the idea of a rotating Standard set!

The Orbit – Episode 3

We discuss Hearthstone eSports punishments, Rise of Shadows revealed, new cards, and our weekly question!

The Orbit – Episode 2

We discuss Expansion teasers, the Hearthstone Dev AMA, Masters Qualifiers & Tournaments, and Specialist format!

The Orbit – Episode 1

We discuss cards being Hall of Famed, give a Year of the Mammoth Recap, and go over ExilesRhythm’s Evenlock Guide!