The Orbit is a weekly podcast brought to you by Eternal Orbit. During each episode we will be providing insight into the world of Hearthstone. However, like Eternal Orbit, we will branch out into gaming as a whole, pop culture, and more!


The Orbit – Episode 12

We discuss the upcoming nerfs and buffs, Game of Thrones, TRiPiZSiCK joining the team, and more!

The Orbit – Episode 11

We discuss The Dalaran Heist, WoW Classic’s Release Date, Changes to Hearthstone Masters, and more!

The Orbit – Episode 10

We discuss the tease of new Solo Content, Blizzard’s latest Earnings Call, Rogue dominance, and more!

The Orbit – Episode 9

We discuss the end of Worlds, future of HS eSports, and Control Shaman’s surprise appearance!

The Orbit – Episode 7

We discuss the upcoming Worlds Championship, along with the Rise of Shadows launch and our thoughts!