Azrael (AzraelAsItGets) started streaming in the summer of 2018. From the moment he began, he fell in love with Twitch and the community of amazing people that found their way to his and his fellow Eternal Orbit teammates’ channels. His streams focus on having fun, being friendly, positive and inclusive, interacting with the community, and—most importantly—laughing at himself. He mainly plays constructed Hearthstone at Rank 5+ and incorporates a lot of Arena play as well. He also streams a wide variety of games such as Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, Overwatch, various RPGs, and many other Triple A title games!

Be sure to check out Azrael if you’re looking for fun and energetic Hearthstone plays, with a lot of variety game play regularly mixed in for flavor!


Blumplunk is Eternal Orbit’s Swedish Meatball. He streams mostly Hearthstone and gets his hands dirty in both Constructed and in the Arena. Over at Blump’s stream, you can expect 250IQ plays, godlike RNG  and to be honest, a few misplays while sharing his laughters and tears.

If you are looking for good plays, fun plays, alternative plays and variety from Constructed & Arena, go check out Blumplunk.


ExilesRhythm is a 28 year old Hearthstone Streamer. If you are looking for a place to relax while watching high level Hearthstone, this is the channel for you. He has been regarded as “the Voice of Twitch” and absolutely lives up to that title. He specializes in deck optimization and innovation, and always has a deck ready to go for any situation.

Relax, have fun, laugh, learn, and enjoy your time with Mr. ExilesRhythm.


Rudeclouds is a streamer who focuses on building a welcoming and inclusive community. They overwhelmingly play Constructed Hearthstone, but are working towards integrating more variety, including community events, into their streams. They also run a monthly charity event!

If you’re looking for some strong Hearthstone plays, along with some positive, friendly, and relaxing vibes, please feel free to come by and say hey.


Striving_Light (aka Risa) is known for her honesty and her variety contents. She originally started as a League of Legends streamer and hit affiliation within a week. Her personality is a breath of fresh air with how blunt and real she keeps with her viewers. Although she may come off intimidating at first, she values her community greatly. Her content varies from Auto Chess, Hearthstone, League of Legends, TellTale Series, DND, and much more!

If you’re looking for someone unique in Twitch that will always be honest with you, go to Risa.


Valseran, widely known as the King of Games, brings the ultimate entertainment experience directly to your home television. While having a main focus on not terrible hearthstone gameplay, both arena and constructed, Val also dabbles in singleplayer variety games.

If you want to relax and chat, and to enjoy some chill gaming at the same time, then Val is the guy for you.


TRiPz_HS, mostly known as “TRiPz”, is a Wild-exclusive streamer who is known for hitting Legend on all three servers every month. He’s a new father who is focused on taking “Dad Legend” to the next level. Not only does this Triple Wild Legend get high Legend finishes on NA, but he also has F2P EU and Asia accounts that are focused on making Legend with budget decks. Curious about Wild? Tripz offers almost everything Wild has to offer, except Golakka Crawlers, he hates those things.

If you are looking for a welcoming, engaging, funny, and high Legend stream, Tripz is where you should be!


Brookewerm is an engaging streamer who strives to create an inviting space for all who seek it. She focuses on providing genuine company and lots of laughter, while doing her best to kick booty at games along the way. Brooke loves hitting up the Hearthstone ladder, dabbles in indie and Triple-A variety games, and has recently starting exploring the wonderful World of Warcraft!

If you are craving a warm and comfy environment with an abundance of meaningful conversation and friendship, feel free to come say hi to brookewerm! (But, like only if you really want to. Seriously, no pressure.)