Our first clip article featuring Eternal Orbit’s newest member, TRiPz_HS! We hope you enjoy what we served up in May.



Sometimes jokes write themselves. When you break one of your cohosts, you know that it’s one of those moments.

PS: Hi, Momclouds.

(Credit: brookewerm)



We have all felt the salt running thru our veins as we keep drawing bomb after bomb after bomb. Or you can draw (almost) all at once and have a nervous break down. This was somewhere in between and with a nice swing at the end :wink:

(Credit: lordkisamii)



I’ve been known to go on long tangents… Sometimes even I have no idea how we got there…

(Credit: Self)



I can’t even think about this clip without losing my mind. Here I am, trying to run to Redridge while looking up pics of Tanukis, until I click one picture too many…

(Credit: izzreal)



Looks like I’ll be sticking to gaming…. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(Credit: thealtarofkez)




Goodnight, sweet Priest.

(Credit: Self)

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