It’s a big day for Eternal Orbit. We’d like to take a moment to formally introduce our team’s newest member, TRiPz_HS!

TRiPz_HS, mostly known as “TRiPz”, is a Wild-exclusive streamer who is known for hitting Legend on all three servers every month. He’s a new father who is focused on taking “Dad Legend” to the next level. Not only does this Triple Wild Legend get high Legend finishes on NA, but he also has F2P EU and Asia accounts that are focused on making Legend with budget decks. Curious about Wild? Tripz offers almost everything Wild has to offer, except Golakka Crawlers, he hates those things.

If you are looking for a welcoming, engaging, funny, and high Legend stream, Tripz is where you should be!

To help our community learn more about Tripz, we asked him to share a little info about his life both online and offline.

What were some of your favorite games growing up?

I am a 90’s baby, so my early gaming years were spent playing Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Killer Instinct, Altered Beast, Legend of Zelda, and more. Being a Football fan, I’ve also always loved playing Madden. Things took a more competitive turn for me with the Call of Duty franchise. During World at War my clan was actually ranked #1 in the Hardcore Search and Destroy mode.

The game that I can say made the biggest impact on me, however, was SOCOM. My uncle owned SOCOM and set it up so you could play online against other people. I remember playing it online one night and having a blast. I loved the challenge of going up against several other people from all over the world and trying to come out on top. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on online gameplay.

How did you get into Hearthstone?

I played World of Warcraft up until around Warlords of Draenor. Invested a lot of time in that game. My wife and I would play together and both enjoyed it. I remember I was getting a little bored of WoW, when one day I saw Hearthstone listed under the Games section. It was Free to Play, so I decided to give it a shot, and ended up really enjoying it. I started like a week or two before The Grand Tournament was released. I loved how I could get a game completed in like 10-15 minutes, which took way less time than doing Daily Quests on WoW with two different toons. It was also huge that Hearthstone was on mobile and I could play on my lunch breaks, or anytime on the go.

Why did you decide to start streaming?

Because of a streamer named IlluminatiHS. I jumped on Twitch and started watching Hearthstone streams to see people really good at the game play it (since at that time I had never hit Legend before). I watched a lot of the top streams, but never really liked them too much due to the lack of interaction with chat. I’m a very social person and enjoy watching streams with a lot of chat interaction. I remember scrolling through channels until one day I stumbled across Illuminati’s. I instantly loved his streams/content. We became really good friends, and he encouraged me to start streaming. I gave it a shot, fell in love with it, and haven’t looked back since.

What makes the Wild format so special to you?

Wild is home to some of my favorite cards such as Patches, Mal’Ganis, Rag, Reno Jackson, and Loatheb. I always had interest in Wild because of those cards, but never really played it because of the “toxic stereotype” Wild had. All I had seen were streamers playing Standard and I thought that Wild was the Shadowy Place that Mufasa warned us to never go to.

Shortly after Witchwood was released, the Standard meta became really stale and boring to me. I was about to take a long break from Hearthstone, but decided to play some Wild games. After trying some decks, I realized how diverse the meta was (compared to Standard at the time) and I was able to play decks with some of my favorite cards in them again. Shortly after, I fell in love with Odd Rogue and started playing a lot of it.

One day I ended up running into Slizzle466 on ladder. I thought I recognized his name, then I remembered he was a streamer. I jumped in his stream and started watching him play. Shortly after that, I realized since the Wild community is much smaller than the Standard community, you tend to run into the same people. Because of that, people tend to be nicer and the community is really close. I started to watch more Wild streamers and it just confirmed how close the community is. When I started streaming, the community really supported me and a lot of us became great friends. Wild is special to me, because the community is special to me.

How do you spend your time offline?

Friends and Family are very important to me. When I am not streaming/playing I love spending time with my wife, and now our newborn son. We love watching our shows together, watching our Falcons together, spending time with our parents, and doing everything together. I also coach baseball, which I’ve been doing that for the last 3 years and do not see myself stopping anytime soon. I love metal music and my brother and I are often going to shows together.

Is there anything in your gaming or IRL life that you haven’t done yet, but are aiming for?

Mrs. Tripz and I want to travel to different parts of Europe.

Please make sure to give TRiPz_HS a warm welcome to the team! We feel very fortunate to have Tripz join us at EO, and can’t wait to start working together.

Want to learn more about our newest member? You can find him through both his Twitch account and his Twitter account.

(Editor’s Note: TRiPiZSiCK is now TRiPz_HS! Article has been updated accordingly.)

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