With conventions, personal obligations, and more, our members had a bit of an inconsistent stream schedule. This month we’re bridging together March and April to make up for that!



The best streams for me are the ones where we just let loose, have fun, and joke around. At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? Here’s a clip from on of the most fun streams I’ve had recently…

(Credit: brookewerm)



Some days we all scream and want to uninstall when RNG kicks us in the… face. But every now and then you just laugh it away and keep Legend pushing. This was one of those times, and it just shows that games are made to have fun while playing them :smiley:

(Credit: doctorfeesh)



That feeling when you see a unique untested interaction is so scary….. I tried to look it up, and couldn’t immediately find it, and as it turns out, well, you’ll see!

(Credit: Self)



This clip is taking it back to Year of the Mammoth. My opponent just used Myra’s and I promised chat that I would do the worm if they didn’t pull Sap (for my 16/16 Edwin).

Low and behold they didn’t pull sap, but did drop their own 12/12 Edwin. Then……

(Credit: glitch_bunny, making two appearances!)



I’m a reallllllll streamer now.

(Credit: rudeclouds)

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