February has come and gone, which means it’s time to showcase each member’s favorite moment of the month.┬áThank you, as always, to everyone who took the time to clip these for us.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!



For February, one of my most memorable moments comes from my stream on the 26th when I was hanging out with chat during a ladder grind session and one of my community members (glitch_bunny) was coming up with, um, what we’ll call ‘concept art’ designs for some new emotes for my channel. My reaction to seeing one of her designs speaks for itself in this clip… #Azthiic

(Credit: glitch_bunny)



Right before this game I had spectated my friend and mod Lobster and he got killed by a Ragnaros to the face. And so, after several games of bad RNG, this clip right here was the final straw… ­čśŤ

(Credit: CallMeManu)



Have you ever seen something so surprising that it confused you out of the sentence you were saying?

(Credit: ZerotioHS)



Legend clips are easy content, but after a loooong night of back-and-forth games, our last two matches featured huge comebacks. Our final boss was a Tempo Mage, who we managed to just squeak by after their explosive start (and some rough play on my end). We missed an opportunity to hit Legend three days into the season, so it felt good to finally put that away two weeks later!

(Credit: … rudeclouds… really buddy)



I barely got to stream this month, but did do a hyped drinking stream. These are the things I do for you chat. The battlefield song is the perfect representation of how I felt.

(Credit: Striving_Light. At least rudeclouds has company)



While I wasn’t able to stream for a lot of February, we started the month off strong with the craziest Rotface you ever did see. Nothing more to be said.

(Credit: Derpehbunnehz)

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