Growing up we all had games that helped shape who we are today. Given the position that gaming has put all six of us in, we wanted to write an article about which ones affected us the most, and our experience with them!

AzraelAsItGets (Starcraft: Brood War)

It is nearly impossible for me to name one particular video game which would be the most memorable or influential on me growing up. That said, if I had to pick one it would be StarCraft: Brood War. This was the game that single-handedly ignited my passion for video gaming and e-sports. The hundreds and thousands of hours I put into this game over a decade spawned a passion for gaming in me that has become one of the driving forces in my life. Sure, there were many other games that crept in as well—such as World of Warcraft—but it was StarCraft that really started my journey. It was my love of StarCraft that lead me to follow the then-pro gamer and caster Sean “Day9” Plott back in 2009, who I later followed to Twitch when he moved to the platform, which in turn eventually lead to me streaming as well.

So, considering that I am writing this blurb for my Twitch-based Eternal Orbit stream team’s website, it seems only fitting that I recognize StarCraft: Brood War as the IP that not only launched my passion for video games, but that is also, quite literally and somewhat ironically, the reason why I’m even writing this piece at all.


Blumplunk (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is, and will always be, in my heart. I often think back to when I would come home from school and become engulfed by with how mesmerizing it was. I would be glued in front of the TV for hours on end. I could be doing the silliest things, like going fishing, or playing every mini-game there was in every town.

OoT was, and still is, this funny and cute, but also very challenging game. If you have played it you know what I’m talking about. I used to share my adventures with a fellow classmate, and if one of us was ever stuck we helped each other out. Well, he mostly helped me out, but still. If Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is not THE best game ever, it’s goddamn close.



ExilesRhythm (Super Smash Bros. (N64))

Super Smash Brothers has had such a large influence on my life, I would not be the same person without it. The first time I played SSB64 I was 10 years old and loved the challenge. The fact that you could scale the difficulty and got immediate feedback whether you were doing something wrong or right pleased the puzzle seeking part of my brain, and of course, being a fighting game, it satisfied the adolescent lust for confrontation. Soon, I found, none of my friends could beat me at the game. They would fight me 3 v 1 and I would still win. It was a satisfying feeling being the biggest fish, but I didn’t realize until much later in life how large the pond was exactly. My friend Phil was the first person I ever met who could beat me. We’d battle all night, elevating each other’s game further and further. Eventually I had to move away, and we figured out how to play SSB64 against each other online. I’d also play against others online, and bring the lessons learned from all those bumps and bruises back to my games with Phil.

Phil and I began to drift apart shortly after 2016, so I had to look to the larger SSB64 community. I began going to tournaments, meeting friends, and leaving the house. Doing all of this also helped me deal with my long-standing anxiety issues and agoraphobia. If it wasn’t for my early years with SSB64 I would not have continued to play video games as an adult. If it wasn’t for my time with Phil I would not be competitive. If it wasn’t for my time with the community I would still be a complete recluse and a nervous wreck. If it weren’t for my losses I wouldn’t know how to be humble. The more I think about it, the more I think I could consider SSB64 a parent. 🤔


rudeclouds (World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft was there for me for almost 5 years while I was going through some rough chapters in life. My brother started playing Vanilla near release (I didn’t have a subscription until a couple months later), and I would just sit next to him, completely entranced, to watch. Seeing a Druid level up in Teldrassil will probably be something I remember for the rest of my life.

The game was just so expansive, and different from anything I had ever seen. It felt like anything was possible. Starting WoW led to countless LANs/nonstop gaming sessions with close friends, and really was the culmination of my adolescence. I also would have never started playing Hearthstone if I hadn’t become so invested in the Warcraft universe. To this day it’s the game that holds the most meaningful spot in my heart, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to grow alongside it.



Striving_Light (Dynasty Warriors 2)

Dynasty Warriors 2 came out when I was just 4 years old. I’ve been a gamer all my life, starting with the original Game Boy and playing black and white Pokémon games. Being able to play DW2 on the Playstation 2 was such a huge upgrade for me. It fits the tomboy side of me perfectly where I can just slash, kill, and destroy :D.

Even to this day I own Dynasty Warrior games, with 8 being the newest one. It’s my all time favorite, and the first console game that I was obsessed with. The nostalgia it gives me, the mechanics, story, everything about it makes it my all time favorite.




Valseran (MediEvil)

Video games have been the biggest influence in my life by far, so it’s hard for me to say which one had the biggest impact when I was growing up. However, I’d have to say MediEvil was an absolute blast. It was the first game I played that fit the stereotypical “hero saves the day”-type of RPG. But gosh darn, even with that in mind it certainly took a cool twist on the whole thing. There were really interesting gameplay mechanics, like detaching your head to put on a severed hand and run around, and a witty, unusual main character.

I also distinctly remember getting stuck on a puzzle and for the first time ever, and I can’t recall ever since, having to ask someone to help me complete a game because I was hard stuck, haha. I was probably 6 or so and I had to ask my sister to help me with a puzzle. I still really fondly remember that time, being able to just purely enjoy a game, and the story it was trying to tell with my sister. I’d like to think if I were ever a world saving video game character, I’d be a mute skeleton who really has no idea what’s going on, too. (And yes I am BEYOND excited for the Remaster, although I’m really hoping they do the second game as well.)

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