Our members had an incredible 2018. There are so many moments that stood out to each of us, but we all did our best to choose one highlight that we look back on fondly. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!



My favorite moment from my stream this year has to be hitting legend. I went on a huge run the first week of the expansion, with a 14-1 record. This was a huge moment for me and the culmination of a lot of effort and patience. I am so glad that it happened on stream with so many wonderful friends to celebrate with!



Well, “memeing” has always been very fun for me, and it was one of those days where we already lost a bunch of games, so in order to get into a better spirit we started playing RNG mage. Things got out of hand from there, and it’s been one of my most favorite Hearthstone moments since.



There have been so many memorable moments throughout this year. I had a really hard time picking one. If I had to choose one clip though, we cannot forget the turn 3 loss to Odd Shaman. We were in the middle of a great win streak with Even Lock early in the month, and found an Odd Shaman on the ladder. After a laugh, I die to exact lethal on turn 3. I actually smile every time I think about this clip.



I should probably choose a clip with my face and normal stream setup in it, but I’m not gonna! I went to The Boomsday Project’s Pre-release Party, my first Fireside Gathering. The announcers asked if anyone had opened a Whizbang, followed by a few cheers. Then, they asked if there were any Golden Whizbangs, and it stayed quiet. I set up my first and only mobile stream, and actually opened up a Golden Whizbang. It was such a cool experience, and the excitement further cemented my love for the HS community.



My favorite memory… there were all those amazing hearthstone and league plays.. but I feel like this clip describes the 2018 me accurately. Jack of all trades, master of none, and I always go out with a bang ;).



There were obvious moments of a lifetime like hitting legend with a top deck Al’Akir and a lucky Runespear pick. However, I realized my favorite moment of streaming wasn’t about some cool hearthstone play, but about realizing how much my community means to me. While drafting an arena deck my community reminded me that we’re there to have fun, and the idiots all called me to tell me to pick The Darkness. I hate getting sappy, but there was something endearing about my closest friends, who I met through streaming, calling me on stream to tell me that I have to pick the worst card in the bucket.

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