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Aggro Hunter has been around for a long time. Like, a very long time. However, looking at the meta today, and with the recent nerf of Level Up!, making Odd Paladin a weak tier 2 deck, it’s time for Aggro Hunter to shine once again. So step aside Odd Paladin mains – Aggro Hunter is back in town.

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Aggro Hunter Card Choices

Not all Aggro Hunters run the Secret + Spellstone package, and I will talk more about this later, but I personally like it a lot. Traditionally, a 5 or 7-Secret package is used to ensure proccing your Spellstones. In this deck I aimed for a 6-Secret package because that should be enough to at least give us 5 mana worth of stats on the board (3 Wolfs is good enough.)

The secrets you play will of course vary but I would recommend always using x2 Wandering and x1 Venomstrike Trap. Venomstrike Trap always gives you a beast and poison is just good. The rest is up to what you face the most on the ladder.

Core Cards:

  • (x2) Dire Mole
  • (x2) Tracking
  • (x2) Crackling Razormaw
  • (x2) Wandering Monster
  • (x1) Venomstrike Trap
  • (x2) Animal Companion
  • (x2) Eaglehorn Bow
  • (x2) Kill Command
  • (x2) Flanking Strike
  • (x2) Emerald Spellstone
  • (x1) Deathstalker Rexxar

These are the core cards for the deck. If you start altering these cards you change the purpose of the deck.

Obviously you need to add at least 2 more secrets, but that will be in the list below. They are based on what I prefer the most. Adjust them if needed to fit what you face on the ladder.

“Near core”:

  • (x2) Bearshark
  • (x2) Houndmaster

These are the “near core” cards and that means these cards can be replaced depending on the meta/what you face on the ladder. They should not be replaced without some severe thought behind it.

Tech choices:

  • (x2) Explosive Trap
  • (x1) Snake Trap
  • (x1) Deadly Shot
  • (x1) Leeroy Jenkins
  • (x1) Savannah Highmane

These are the cards that can be replaced based on what you prefer/play against the most on the ladder.
The secrets are the first that comes to mind, of course, and a good example here on how to think about these tech choices are: “Do you face a lot of Aggro?”,  if so run x2 Explosive. “Do you face a lot of value, high cost cards or decks like Even Warlock?” Run x2 Freezing Trap. Adjust and play to counter the meta.

Leeroy. I’m running Leeroy because he is a great finisher, but as we all know “you must attack an enemy minion with taunt” might make him a dead card. Also if you are missing dust you can run something else.

Savannah Highmane. It’s just a good card and sometimes you don’t have Rexxar on 6 but this card instead. Good for SMOrcing, basically.

Deadly shot. It’s in here instead of the classic “Hunters Mark” that usually goes hand-in-hand with “Candleshot”. In my opinion it’s too slow to run both of these “tech cards”, hence the x1 Deadly Shot. BlessRNG.

Notable Exclusions:

  • Scavenging Hyena
  • Unleash the Hounds
  • Zul’jin

If you want to run Scavenging Hyena you need Unleash the Hounds, which takes up 4 cards in this deck. In my opinion, that makes you not be able to run the Spellstone + Secret package. Personally, I don’t like that because Secrets are so powerful themselves, and together with the Spellstones they wreak havoc. Hyena and Hounds combo is too situational and needs to high roll. Blump does not approve.

Zul’jin as we all know casts spells that you have casted this game. Sure, Animal Companions and Spellstones are good to cast again, he is just too expensive. We want to have the win before turn 10. If we have not won by then Rexxar gets to work. Zul’jin can take the bench.

Mulligans and Strategy

It all depends what you face on the ladder of course, so this will be short and simple.

If you get a Dire Mole in your starting hand keep it, we want the Crackling Razormaw here as the follow up.

Don’t have Dire mole? Look for secrets and Spellstone.

If you have Dire Mole and a Spellstone, keep both.

Maybe you can already see what we are going for here – either early aggression, with the help of adapting the Dire Mole, or Secrets into Spellstone.

The difficulty is knowing if you keep Eaglehorn Bow, Bearshark, or Animal Companion. Short and simple: If you have a Secret, Spellstone and one of these in the mulligan – keep it.

If you are missing the Spellstone and Dire Mole, go for full mulligan. The reasoning behind this is that you will most likely always have a turn 3 play, anyways, (all of the cards we are discussing cost 3) and finding that “nut hand” is very crucial for us.

Aggro Hunter is a deck as old as Hearthstone, and it’s great to see how powerful the archetype still is. If you keep these tips in mind you should be able to SMOrc your way to the top in style.


Blumplunk (TwitchTwitter)

Blumplunk is a Hearthstone streamer that combines fun and try-hard. Sometimes he “memes it out” and just enjoys Hearthstone for the game it is, and sometimes he strives for the high legend rank. If you enjoy the combination of good gameplay and fun shenanigans – look no further!

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