Over the past few months Hearthstone players have grown accustomed to seeing certain decks dominate the meta. As new cards were released, it seemed like powerful archetypes only grew in strength, while off-meta picks became fewer and farther between. With this in mind, there is no doubt that Rastakhan’s Rumble, Hearthstone’s 10th expansion, has its eyes set on diversifying the meta.

We gathered four of our Eternal Orbit members to see their thoughts on the strongest, and weakest cards, from this set, and how they will impact the state of the game.

If you’re interested in seeing all 135 cards make sure to check out Hearthstone’s official page.

AzraelAsItGets’ 5 Best Cards

  • Azrael Best 1 v1

1) Mojomaster Zihi

Arguably the most impactful card in the meta in my view due to its ability to completely punish many very popular and powerful decks such as Druid, as well as stalling many slower decks like Priest, Mage, Warlock, or Control decks. This card will be Aggro and Midrange decks best friend. It’s similar to Skulking Geist, but will make it into even more decks because its effect works against a much broader range of decks which currently feel oppressive to many players.

2) Revenge of the Wild

This card is bonkers! To me the #2 spot should go to a card that would be more widely played (such as a neutral legendary like Oondasta—which *almost* took this spot). However, given the strong presence of Hunter already and the fact that this card essentially allows Hunter to clear the board 2 or even 3 times to set up for, or achieve, lethal. Couple that with a Houndmaster Shaw or Tundra Rhino, and yeah… This card is bonkers!

3) Zentimo

I know! I know. Look, there are so many spells that make this card playable in Midrange and Aggressive Shaman: Unstable Evolution, Earth Shock, Zap, Elementary Reaction—to name a few. But one combo single handedly makes this card terrifying for its OTK potential: If you have 9 mana and any 3 minions on board Zentimo plus 2x Rockbiter and 1x Windfury = minimum of 30-damage from hand! Putting this package in a Midrange or Aggro Shaman is terrifying enough of a combo to give Shudderwock nightmares.

4) Serrated Tooth

Good weapons are always super powerful and Serrated Tooth fits the bill nicely. This weapon is so good it even goes in Odd Rogue (even though, in theory, it competes with their improved hero power). Beyond that it fits in Tempo, Quest, Pirate, Deathrattle, and likely more. This card is also a common, thus it will be very good for Arena. Expect to see this card in virtually every Rogue.

5) Master’s Call

Number 5 on this list was very close between this Master’s Call and Zul’jin, as I think both are going to be excellent potential options in multiple Hunter Archetypes moving forward—especially various Midrange Hunters. However Master’s Call won this spot over Zil’jin because I believe it will see a lot of play as it can make Midrange, Beast, Odd, and Aggressive Beast Hunter decks better. Anything that makes Aggro better is going to see a lot of play!

AzraelAsItGets’ 5 Worst Cards

  • Azrael Worst 1 v1

1) Gurubashi Chicken

Originally, this spot was going to Gurubashi Offering. Gurubashi Chicken, however, isn’t going to see any legitimate play just as its cousin, our friend the Angry Chicken doesn’t see any. It’s fun that it exists, especially for Rexxar, but outside of that and meme decks this card won’t see any play. TL;DR this card already exists and that version never—ever—sees play. This won’t either.

2) Gurubashi Offering

Only possibly playable in OTK and Mechathun style decks, it still very unlikely doesn’t make those lists, either. However, unlike the #1 card on this list, this card is at least new and different enough to possibly get tested and experimented with. Thus, it is slightly better than the worst card in the set. Gurubashi Offering avoids the #1 spot—if only barely.

3) Serpent Ward

This card looks more interesting than it is, and while it’s neat to see a neutral totem, and I like Team 5 introducing an interesting effect like this one has, there is no way this card sees play in anything but the meme-iest of meme decks. Even in a Hearthstone world lacking decent 2 drops, there are still plenty of better options than this one.

4) Hir’eek, the Bat

This card, currently, is bad. Like unplayable bad. However, its effect is powerful enough that I imagine it will get some help in the next expansion and will eventually at least be feasible in some decks…maybe. It’s also interesting enough that people will try to make it work if they get unlucky enough to get this free from opening packs. Ultimately, Hir’eek will require a little more help before it sees a chance at legitimate play.

5) The Beast Within

This card is junk. The fact that it is 1 mana, however, will see it experimented with in Odd hunter and perhaps in some more feeble attempts to make Quest Hunter work. It also has some potential synergies with Deathrattle Hunters, but is not good enough to make the cut in those already very refined and optimized decks. Due to the snowball potential, combined with the draw of the +1/+1 for 1, people will play with it a bit before ultimately dusting it for strictly better options.

Blumplunk’s 5 Best Cards

  • Blumplunk Best 1 v1

1) Revenge of the Wild

Well well well. Would you look at that overpowered piece of glory. For 2 mana you can resurrect your beast that died this turn? Seems very good to me. Like very good to me. Like very good to me. Like very good to me. Like very…

2) Krag’wa, the Frog

The Frog. Just look at this guy. Keep looking. He is a beautiful piece of art. And a frog. That gives you all the spells you cast last turn back to your hand. Just imagine the possibilities! Evolve back in your hand. Evolve back in your hand or even Evolve back in your hand! This is almost my number 1, but the Frog at least gets top 2.

3) Zul’jin

Zul’jin, or just Jogg’jin, or Zul’Saron. This new Hero card has some really awesome potential. He casts all spells you’ve played this game. So you know, throw a Deadly Shot in there, a Spellstone, a Crushing Wall, and BOOM! Dr. Boom looks up at Zul’jin with envy in his eyes. Top 3 card and it’s well deserved.

4) Soulwarden

Holy guacamole on a stick. Did I read that Battlecry correctly? This card is INSANE. Discolock is back baby! What else is there to say except “time to boogie baby”.

5) Mojomaster Zihi

First off, can we just establish that his name is Zihi? Zihi! And that he is also quite sweet. I like that you can use this guy to set combo decks back to 5 mana like Shudderwocks or Gallery Priests. And that he “F-up” Druids. Love it!

Blumplunk’s 5 Worst Cards

  • Blumplunk Worst 1 v1

1) Spirit of the Shark

Choosing the worst card was tough, but I’m pretty sure this card is crap. Like a lot of crap. Rogues in general want to be aggressive and this card is not that. So maybe your running some type of combo deck. And would you use this in a combo deck like Malygos Rogue? Nope. Would you then use this in Aggro? Nope. So you would never play this card? Correct.

2) Serpent Ward

So for 2 mana I can play a totem that does nothing AND it can’t defend itself? Awesome!… Lets dust that shall we.

3) The Beast Within

The fudge is that?! For 1 mana I can buff something for +1/+1 suuure fine but then it attacks a random enemy minion? Hell nah. At least it’s epic so you hope to get a golden one and just collect that sweet, sweet dust.

4) Surrender to Madness

So okay I know what you are thinking: “This is so cool! It’s a 2x Keleseth for only 3 mana!” But it d-e-s-t-r-o-y-s 3 of your mana crystals. You know how much mana that is?! Well, it’s 3 mana, but yeah, that is A LOT. That’s a big yikes from me dog.

5) Helpless Hatchling

So this little guy is cute and all, but he also destroys a Katharina combo deck. If you’re not running Katharina you are running Spell or Aggro. Would you play this in Aggro? Nope. So sorry, buddy, but cute doesn’t win this race.

ExilesRhythm’s 5 Best Cards

  • ExilesRhythm Best 1 v1

1) Auchenai Phantasm

Finally a good priest 2 drop! Something that actually competes for the board early. This card opens up new archetypes for a class that was becoming very one dimensional.

2) Pyromaniac

A spider tank with upside? Yes please! Oh wait, what? The upside is drawing a card? EASY auto-include in any Mage deck.

3) Untamed Beastmaster

A neutral, well-statted minion that can fit into nearly any deck, as this is another card that doesn’t always need to get value to be great in a deck. In Odd Rogue it hits Blink Fox, in Odd Warrior it hits Ironbeak Owl. In both of these cases it is INSANE, not to mention it fights for the board on 3. Give me 2 of these in nearly any deck.

4) Bloodclaw

This card is borderline overpowered. In the decks you want to run it in you don’t care about the health. Odd Paladin just got a huge buff and became Weapon Paladin with; Hench-Clan Thug, Light’s Justice, Bloodclaw, Purifier’s Maul, Vinecleaver….. Odd Paladin really needed a 3 and this gave it to them by completely changing that deck.

5) Jan’alai the Dragonhawk

A Spiteful Summoner that ALWAYS hits Ragnaros. Need I say more?

ExilesRhythm’s 5 Worst Cards

  • ExilesRhythm Worst 1 v1

1) The Beast Within

Does nothing for 1 mana.

2) Cheaty Anklebiter

Does nothing for 2 mana.

3) Surrender to Madness

Does nothing for 3 mana (except ramp your opponent for 3).

4) Arena Chest

Does nothing for 4 mana.

5) Arena Patron

Does nothing for 5 mana.

rudeclouds’ 5 Best Cards

  • rudeclouds Best 1 v1

1) Oondasta

My lone 10 Star. Not only is this guaranteed in Deathrattle Hunter, a Tier 1 deck, but it’ll be a highlight of the deck. Not only can this be cheated out, but it can cheat out other big beasts, including those you craft off of Deathstalker Rexxar. Incredible card.

2) Mass Hysteria

One of the biggest challenges with Priest is being able to hold off aggro in the early game. Your safety net is Psychic Scream, which will most likely come out on either turn 6 or 7. By turns 6 or 7 you can already be scrambling vs. an aggressive deck, but not with Mass Hysteria. Having a lack of low cost minions is a strength for Priest with this card, and it means that your opponent will be clearing their own board for you. This is huge.

3) Hex Lord Malacrass

This card is hilarious to me because it is not exciting to me in the least, but I think this card will easily find its way into Control Mage and stay there. With 3-4 cards generated, having some control over that reload, and knowing how valuable each of those control tools can be, it’s just a safe pick at #3.

4) Soulwarden

This card is the star of any Discard Warlock deck, and is one of the biggest reasons why I think we’ll see Discardlock make a serious run during the expansion. The amount of resource regeneration possible with this card is absurd. I’m looking forward to running a Midrange/Control Discard deck and loving this card.

5) High Priestess Jeklik

This was a tough decision between High Priestess Jeklik and Void Contract. Not only is this a card you are hoping to hit with your many Discard abilities, but if you buff this minion, the new copies will retain those buffs.

rudeclouds’ 5 Worst Cards

  • rudeclouds Worst 1 v1

1) Hir’eek, the Bat

More like Hir’eek, the Bad. Don’t play this card. Don’t commit your valuable resources to this card. This is a black hole that will absorb all of you until there’s nothing left and even then it won’t be strong enough to play for 8 mana.

2) Murloc Tastyfin

Is this card really bad enough to call out? Yes. I’m mad that Hir’eek is so bad, because it makes this card seem less bad. This card is the opposite of literally every single Murloc ever printed, and yet there it is, staring us right in the eyes. I can’t sleep at night because of this card.

3) Bwonsamdi, the Dead

This is such a “Win More” card that trying to make it work will actually cost you the game. Your Spirit of the Dead + Zerek’s Cloning Gallery + Spirit Lash play will kill your Spirit of the Dead, meaning you won’t have any 1-Cost minions shuffled in your deck, meaning you won’t run this card again. Side Note: Top 5 Best Card Art.

4) Gurubashi Hypemon

What 7 mana minions does Rogue run? Why does Rogue not run 7 mana minions? Is this card/expansion enough of a reason to change that? No. Rogue does not have the luxury of playing this card, especially when the most powerful part about it will require either 8 mana, or you’ll have to wait another turn and look at this 7 mana 5/7 that you just played as Rogue.

5) Farraki Battleaxe

This card is going to trick so many good people into doing something so bad, which is believing in Handbuff Paladin. Way too expensive, way too weak to reliably get its condition off. Please run any other weapon.


This set is the start of a fresh breath for Hearthstone. In a few months we’ll be seeing Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds & Catacombs all rotate out of Standard. Until then, we will see six card sets available in Standard, which has never happened before, and some new opportunities will be available.

Existing Top Tier decks, especially those involving Hunter, will see their value grow. Priest has been given some great tools to even the playing field against Aggro. Mages, Rogues, and Warlocks have all seen some flashy archetypes given more support, as well.

Finally, Druids may have taken their foot off the gas.

If you’ve been waiting for things to shake up in Hearthstone, then take this expansion as a sign. It’s a good time to jump into the fray.


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